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Bridal Gown Preservation

The Prestige Preservation Process

Few things are as cherished as a wedding dress, with the careful planning that goes into selecting the perfect dress, many brides choose to heirloom their dress as a keepsake.

At Park Drycleaners Mount Gambier we specialise in this by using our 'Prestige Preservation' process - because a properly preserved wedding dress preserves the dream of passing it down to a daughter or close family friend.

Park Drycleaners are the only dry cleaners in the area that use this process that has been tried, tested and proven to be the best option when it comes to preserving your wedding dress; we are the Limestone Coast specialist Wedding Dress cleaners.


Cleaning Your Memories

While a gown may be worn just one day, and may not appear soiled, it will require careful cleaning. Hidden soiling includes perspiration and body oils. Long gowns will pick up soil along the hemline and train and very likely, there will be food and beverage spills. Some stains, which are not immediately visible, will develop with age through oxidation causing discoloration, fabric weakness and damage to the gown.

Thorough inspection

Our wedding dress specialists carefully examine every gown, establishing the most suitable method of cleaning. Inspections are made at every stage of the cleaning and preservation process. Each wedding dress receives special and individual handling, with attention given to every detail.

Expert cleaning

In preparation for long-term storage, every wedding dress brought to Park Drycleaners Mount Gambier is examined thoroughly to determine the best method of stain removal to properly clean your cherished garment. Red wine, oil and other stains can be removed using our proprietary pre-spotting techniques. Beading and fabrics are appropriately and safely cared for.


Heirloom Preservation

After meticulous cleaning by our wedding dress specialists at Park Drycleaners Mount Gambier, your gown is carefully packaged with acid-free tissue in our exclusive acid-free storage box.

Moisture/Oxygen Control

Our newly designed MuseumStyle™ storage boxes feature state of the art moisture and oxygen control technology. Traditional wedding dress storage boxes do not protect or guarantee against oxidation or "yellowing" of the gown. Our advanced system guarantees your gown will not yellow or oxidize, retaining its value and preserving it for years to come.

Acid-Neutral, PH Control

Your dress is carefully sealed in an acid-free inner box that controls humidity. The oxygen is purged and replaced with an inert gas, virtually making oxidation impossible.

Sealed Packaging

Our sealed packaging allows viewing of your gown and veil at any time, while protecting your gown from mold, mildew, insect damage and oxidation. The inner box is placed in a durable long-term storage chest for additional safety.

Our advanced preservation system guarantees that your dress will remain as beautiful as the day it was worn down the aisle.



Why should I preserve these garments?
Preservation protects your garments for long-term storage, to keep dirt, stains and foreign matter that will discolour or otherwise damage the fabric over time, then store it in an environment that will minimize damage from light, mildew, mold and insects.

Do you offer a guarantee?
A Lifetime Guarantee is provided, in writing that guarantees our workmanship.

What is preservation?
The Prestige Preservation process includes cleaning your wedding dress and all of the delicate embellishments. Then we carefully pack it in a MuseumStyle™ wedding chest that protects your wedding dress from the air and light that cause unprotected gowns to yellow. Our preservation service is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Why is acid free tissue important?
The Prestige Preservation only includes acid free tissue in with your valuable items. This tissue absorbs acid which could damage your gown over time.

Can I open my preservation storage case?
The wedding dress storage box should only be opened by us at Park Drycleaners Mount Gambier, this to make sure your warranty remains intact, opening or tampering with the box may void the warranty.

How long will it take for cleaning and gown preservation?
We take the time necessary to take care of your gown needs. A thorough inspection and individualised cleaning and packaging is required with each gown. Feel free to ask us at Park Drycleaners Mount Gambier to get an idea of how long this process will take.

How should I store my wedding dress box when I bring it home?
We recommend that you store it in a dry, cool, dark place such as your clothes closet or under your bed.